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About Citi-Telecom

Serving the New York City metropolitan area for over 40 years!

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Citi-Telecom Solutions is a New Jersey/New York based full service integration company servicing the Tri-state area with experience in providing integrated tele­comm­uni­cations and data solutions for over 40 years. By providing our customers with the latest solutions offered and unequaled support, Citi-Telecom Solutions has established itself as a leader in the tele­comm­uni­ca­tions and data integration industries.

As products and technologies continue to change, improve and converge, Citi-Telecom Solutions has and will continue to cultivate and foster these new areas to maintain our status as your vendor of choice. Technologies such as IP Telephony (VoIP); Traditional PBX's; Call Center; Unified Messaging; LAN/WAN Switching and Routing; Premise wiring including Fiber Optics; Network Services including ATM; and server based PBX's are all part of the communications/data evolution. Citi-Telecom Solutions has been a successful participant in both industries since its inception.

Why We Are Different

What separates Citi-Telecom Solutions from its competitors most of all, is our ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Our team of professionals will assist in the design, implementation, training and servicing of your system. Citi-Telecom Solutions understands that every solution is unique and requires the proper design to ensure complete customer satisfaction. To ensure the system is always operating at its peak, Citi-Telecom Solutions employs a highly qualified team of service technicians. Our customers cover a broad range of sizes and industries, from the small start up firm to fortune 500. We can provide relocation of IT infrastructure to new sites and support businesses across multiple locations. Take advantage of our years of experience and networks for all-around IT support. Citi-Telecom Solutions can provide your company with the proper voice, data or converged solution.

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