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Identity Engines PortfolioIdentity Engines Portfolio

The Avaya Identity Engines portfolio integrates with the network infrastructure to provide the central policy decision needed to enforce role-based network access control. These products offer an open, standards-based and holistic network identity management structure. The structure is accomplished by combining the best elements of a next-generation RADIUS/AAA server, the deep directory integration found in application identity offerings, and one of the industry's most advanced policy engines. All this is done out-of-band for maximum scalability and cost effectiveness.

This centralized policy engine sits in the data center to provide authentication and authorization for wired, wireless, and VPN network devices. This is combined with a suite of complementary products that enable 802.1X rollouts, to help organizations achieve audit and compliance goals.

Identity Engines Ignition Server

A centralized policy engine, the Ignition Server performs user and context-based authentication and authorization for clients attempting network access.

Identity Engines Ignition Guest Manager

A quick, safe and easy way to let front-desk staff create guest-user accounts, the Ignition Guest Manager allows for access to specific network resources for a designated time period.

Identity Engines Ignition Compliance Portal

This tool provides clientless health and compliance checking via a captive portal for guests and unmanaged devices. It helps to ensure that endpoints comply with an organization's security policy.

Identity Engines Ignition Posture

By providing endpoint health and posture checking for employees and managed devices, the Ignition Posture provides policy flexibility and integration with the Identity Engines Ignition Server´┐Żensuring that it is easy to support and simple for users.

Identity Engines Ignition Analytics

A powerful reporting application, the Ignition Analytics uses the Identity Engines Ignition Server to collect data in order to deliver at-a-glance reports that highlight such things as user info, failed authentications and usage summaries.

VPN PortfolioVPN Portfolio

The Avaya VPN Portfolio includes SSL and IPSec secure remote access solutions that can extend the reach of enterprise applications to remote employees, contractors, partners, and customers.

The VPN Gateway 3000 Series is the centerpiece of the Avaya VPN Portfolio and supports both SSL and IPSec capabilities to ensure that users gain access only to the data and applications they require, protecting against loss or theft of confidential information. It can also leverage browser-based software already available on a users' PC to provide secure access with the need to distribute or manage client software.

Offering high performance, high availability and unrivaled scalability, these gateways can address businesses' most challenging remote-access needs.

VPN Gateway 3050

Ideal for medium to large enterprises, this VPN gateway platform supports up to 2,000 concurrent SSL and IPSec VPN user connections.

VPN Gateway 3070

Designed for large enterprises and managed VPN service provider deployments, this high-performance gateway supports up to 5,000 concurrent SSL and IPSec users.

VPN Gateway Virtual Appliance

This software-based VPN gateway runs on VMware-compliant equipment to deliver the same functionality as hardware platforms, but at a lower entry-level price. Depending on the version, it supports up to either 250 or 500 concurrent SSL and IPSec connections.

Secure Portable Office

This Secure Portable Office solution is ideal for workers requiring access to business information or systems while out of the office. It allows VPN gateway access from any public or private PC using a USB device. The Secure Portable Office provides flexible access while protecting corporate data and preserving the configuration of the host PC it is plugged into.

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