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Unified Branch

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Advanced Gateway 2330Advanced Gateway 2330

This flexible branch gateway solution enables enterprises to reliably extend centralized Unified Communications services to remote users. Interoperable with Avaya Aura and other SIP servers, the gateway can provide local branch connectivity to the PSTN, and SIP survivability in case of IP WAN failure or a service outage.

The Advanced Gateway 2330 can be software upgraded to a full suite of routing and WAN services�equivalent to Avaya�s Secure Router 2330. When upgraded, it can provide feature-rich voice and data services in a single multi-purpose platform, consolidating multiple devices and reducing branch deployment costs.

Advanced Gateway 2330-2FXO

This Advanced Gateway 2330 model includes the chassis, two-port FXO module, two-port FXS module and PVM (packet voice module), and licenses for eight active DSP/TDM channels and 25 SIP survivability users.

Advanced Gateway 2330-4FXO

This Advanced Gateway 2330 package includes the chassis, four-port FXO module, four-port FXS module, and PVM, and licenses for eight active DSP/TDM channels and 25 survivability users.

Advanced Gateway 2330-PRI

This package contains all of the features of the Advanced Gateway 2330-4FXO, but substitutes a one-port T1/E1 (PRI) module for the four-port FXO module, and has licenses for 32 active DSP/TDM channels and 25 SIP survivability users.

Secure Router 1000 SeriesSecure Router 1000 Series

The Secure Router 1000 Series delivers fast, secure, reliable, and scalable wide-area networking (WAN) access for enterprise branch offices and remote sites. These fixed-form access routers support from one to four T1/E1 ports and deliver wire-speed performance, robust routing, and security in a compact, highly reliable platform.

Secure Router 1001/1001S

The Secure Router 1001 and 1001S are suitable for remote offices or any location needing a direct Internet or IP connection. The 1001 features a single T1/E1 port, while the 1001S has a single serial port. Both models offer an optional ISDN BRI back-up port for high resiliency.

Secure Router 1002

With two T1/E1 ports for WAN access from enterprise branch offices and remote sites, the 1002 is suitable for offices that need dual T1/E1 ports to connect to the IP WAN or the Internet.

Secure Router 1004

Suitable for larger branches and remote sites, the 1004 provides high-performance WAN access and supports four T1/E1 ports.

Secure Router 2000 SeriesSecure Router 2000 Series

Ideal for enterprise branch and remote sites, the Secure Router 2330 provides IP routing, voice gateway and security services in a cost-effective modular platform. It brings together routing, wide-area networking (WAN) and voice gateway services, reducing the number of devices required in the branch, while providing fast, secure, and reliable WAN Service.

Secure Router 3000 SeriesSecure Router 3000 Series

This router was designed for larger branch and regional enterprise sites that require high-speed IP or Internet connectivity. It combines high performance, robust routing, and flexible WAN connectivity.

Secure Router 4000 SeriesSecure Router 4000 Series

Offering high-end performance and capacity, the Secure Router 4134 integrates multiple networking functions in a single device. Functions include IPv4/IPv6 routing, wide area networking, high-density Ethernet switching, power over Ethernet, voice media gateway, application hosting, and security. These capabilities allow businesses to realize the promise of the unified branch. The 4134 can address the routing and connectivity needs of large enterprise branches as well as regional or even headquarter sites.

Secure Router 4134 with Software Communication System (SCS)

This tightly integrated system addresses the complete unified communications (UC) needs of sites with up to 250 users, eliminating the need for multiple devices. It can also reduce the start-up and operational costs of deploying a UC solution in a small to medium business, or at a single enterprise site.

Mediation Services Module for Microsoft OCS

This integrated server module is Ideal for enterprises considering deploying Microsoft unified communications services at branch or remote sites. It provides mediation services that allow Microsoft Office Communicator clients to connect to the PSTN or other devices.

Secure Router 8000 SeriesSecure Router 8000 Series

This family of routers was designed for enterprise data center, core, and head-end routing environments. It provides the high-performance, resilient IP routing and WAN connectivity that enterprises need for reliable end-to-end transport of converged network traffic.

Secure Router 8002

Ideal for large regional or small core routing applications, the entry-level model of the 8000 Series offers two WAN/LAN slots and advanced features that include IPv4/IPv6, MPLS VPN, BGP-4 and multicast.

Secure Router 8004

This mid-level model addresses enterprise WAN aggregation and core routing needs. It has four WAN/LAN slots and a suite of advanced features, including IPv4/IPv6, MPLS VPN, BGP-4 and multicast.

Secure Router 8008

The 8008 is designed for enterprises needing WAN aggregation or core routing in a central or headquarters site. It provides eight WAN/LAN slots and a suite of advanced routing features.

Secure Router 8012

The top of the line of the 8000 Series, the 8012 can handle enterprise core routing and high-performance data center applications. It offers twelve WAN/LAN slots, redundant network/router processors and advanced routing support.

WAN OptimizationWAN Optimization

Avaya WAN optimization solutions are designed to improve performance of enterprise applications across wide-area or Internet connections. They enhance the delivery of applications to remote or branch users, including those using PCs or mobile handheld devices.

The Mobile Client Accelerator is the key component of Avaya WAN optimization for cost effective application acceleration.

Mobile Client Accelerator

The Mobile Client Accelerator improves file download speeds and application response for remote users. As a client-based solution, Mobile Client Accelerator requires no special equipment. The client component is completely transparent and supports laptop and desktop PCs as well as wireless devices such as PDAs.

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