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Wireless LAN 2300 SeriesWireless LAN 2300 Series

The WLAN 2300 Series is a complete 802.11 solution for enterprises wishing to deploy widespread wireless coverage for today's business, IP telephony and converged multimedia applications. It combines the latest industry standards with a centralized architecture and advanced features to create a secure, cost-effective and highly scalable WLAN infrastructure.

The series is comprised of a portfolio of WLAN security switches, a multi-mode access point, and a management software system.

WLAN Access Point 2332

Designed for dense deployments, this access point delivers high-performance mobile connectivity without sacrificing security or manageability. It provides multi-mode 802.11a/b/g wireless service for mobile clients, and is controlled by the WLAN Security Switch models 2350, 2360/2361, and 2382.

WLAN Location Engine 2340

The 2340 provides an integrated location services capability. It locates mobile clients, enabling asset tagging and tracking, zone-based access control, and content-delivery applications.

WLAN Management Software 2300

This comprehensive design and management tool for the WLAN 2300 Series identifies ideal access point locations on detailed floor plans, configures devices with a single click, and provides granular monitoring and reporting for complete visibility and control.

WLAN Security Switch 2350

Ideally suited for extending WLAN services to small businesses or branch offices, the 2350 offers the same features as the larger switches in this series, but in a more compact design. It auto-configures when first connected to the network, and it can control up to three access points.

WLAN Security Switch 2360/2361

Designed for mid-size office sites or wiring closet deployments, the WLAN Security Switch 2360/2361 can control up to twelve access points either connected directly to one of its eight Ethernet ports or indirectly through a layer two or three network. A dual-power option provides improved resiliency suitable for converged services.

WLAN Security Switch 2382

Suitable for centralized deployments in data centers or at network aggregation points, this switch provides control, management, and security for up to 128 WLAN 2300 Series access points.

Trapeze Networks Mobility Point 432

This high-performance 802.11n (3x3) Multiple Input / Multiple Output (MIMO) dual-radio access point delivers maximum aggregate data rates of up to 600 Mbps. It will run on existing WLAN 2300 security switches and is an optional add-on for the series.

Trapeze Networks Mobility Point 82

Designed for high-density deployments that emphasize throughput over coverage, the Trapeze Networks Mobility Point 82 is an 802.11n (2x3) Multiple Input / Multiple Output (MIMO), dual-radio access point. It will run on existing WLAN 2300 security switches, and is an optional add-on for the series.

Trapeze Networks Mobility Exchange 2800

This next-generation high-capacity WLAN controller is designed for medium- to large-sized enterprise deployments. The 2800 offers 28 Gbps of throughput and supports up to 256 802.11n APs. It is an optional add-on, fully compatible with the WLAN 2300 Series.

Wireless LAN 8100 SeriesWireless LAN 8100 Series

The WLAN 8100 Series combines the latest industry 802.11n standard with a new truly-unified wireless/wired architecture, enabling enterprises to achieve new levels of workforce productivity and operational efficiency. The WLAN 8100 Series offers greater wireless capacity, performance, and coverage through 802.11n and lower Total Cost of Ownership through a simplified network infrastructure. It is optimized to support real time applications such as voice, UC and video.

The WLAN 8100 Series portfolio comprises access points, controllers and management software.

WLAN Access Point 8120

This two-radio, 802.11n device supports 802.11n and legacy 802.11 a/b/g support, offering full performance within the 802.3af POE.

WLAN Controller 8180

Designed for centralized deployment in data centers, the 8180 provides control, management and security for up to 512 WLAN 8100 Series access points (256 in Release 1). A key differentiator of this model is its ability to separate control and data traffic. This improves network efficiency, since data can be routed via Ethernet switches instead of through the wireless controller.

WLAN Management Software 8100

This full-featured tool suite enables administrators to perform pre- and post-deployment planning, configuration, verification, management, and optimization of the 8100 Series infrastructure. It is integrated into the Avaya Unified Communications Management solution.

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