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Referral Program

Send Us a Referral and Receive a Credit on Your Next Month's Phone Bill

Money Changing Hands

Contact Rick Harris or Joe Panzella at 1-888-912-1690 or email your lead to

If your referral becomes a Citi-Tel customer you will receive an additional credit equal to 10% of your referral's monthly service charges every month!

Here's How It Works

Send us a Referral and receive a $50.00 credit on your next Citi-Tel Hosting Solutions Invoice, even if we do not sign them up.

If your Referral signs up with Citi-Tel you will receive an additional credit of 10% of your referrals invoice every month.* For as long as you and your referral remain a Citi-Tel Customer.

For example: If your present phone bill with Citi-Tel Hosting Solutions is $400/month and your referral results in a sale of $600/month.

Present Monthly Bill with Citi-Tel $400.00
Referral's Monthly Bill with Citi-Tel $600.00
10% Recurring Referral credit $60.00
Your NEW Monthly Bill $340.00

This promotion will stay in place for as long as your company and your referral remain a Citi-Tel customer. There is no limit on how many referrals you send us nor a limit on credits you can receive.

If the credits earned exceed your Monthly bill, Citi-Tel will send you a check every month for the difference!

* This program does not apply to upgrades and add-ons to your company. Your company cannot become a referral. 10% is applied to services only. Equipment sales do not apply.