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Citi-Tel Specials

Upgrade your phone system for NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE for hardware, free installation and set-up AND savings on your local and long distance bills!

Call 1-888-912-1690 or email to set up your complimentary PBX/Network assessment today!

What makes NOW a great time to upgrade your legacy phone system with no upfront cost?

New features, including:

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail to Text*
  • Remote Users
  • Direct Lines
  • Mobile Apps
  • Touchscreen Phones
  • No Hardware to Maintain
  • Web-based Programming
  • Caller ID / Call History - One Touch Dialing

*3rd Quarter

Hurry up!! This offer will expire by the end of the year!

For more information contact Rick Harris or Joe Panzella at 888-912-1690 or email