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Benefits of Online Backup

Data is considered to be one of the biggest assets for many companies.

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What is UcaaS?

UCaaS integrates multiple methods of communication to simplify business communication management.

A healthcare provider talking with an elderly patient over a video call on her laptop

Video Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Even ahead of the pandemic, and even after it's over, having video solutions for patients in need is a huge plus.

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Build Your Brand with Virtual Backgrounds

You can make your own unique virtual background to both build your brand and make your calls more engaging.

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Is Your Business Phone System Ready for Long Term Remote Work

Businesses all over the world have made adjustments this year in order to deal with COVID-19.

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The Importance of Hosted VoIP for Law Firms

A standard, conventional landline has no place in a modern law firm.

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CCTV Systems Reduce Insurance Costs

Both homeowners and business owners could be spending less money on insurance just by installing a quality CCTV system.

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How do you know it is time to upgrade your office phone system?

The saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is not wisdom to adhere to when it comes to office phone systems.

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VoIP and Phone Systems for Small Businesses

How can your small business improve its connectivity? What should you look for in a small business phone system?

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How to Setup a Zoom Room

Now more than ever, the ability to connect remotely is an integral part of many businesses.

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How Is the View From Your Office

My old office had a window. My view is now my backyard, my dog running around, and my wife weeding the garden.